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What We Offer

Arab | Asian | African | Chinese | Japanese | Jamaican| Korean| Mexican| Spanish | Haitian | Irish Jewish | Indian and more...

Lydia is very passionate that "Love is gentle, kind, and color-blind". We have embrace this motto as we provide you with exceptional full-service multicultural wedding planning and designing. We will orchestrate your "Two Dresses, Seven Steps" be sure that your Sangeet is truly entertaining.  We will plan and design the best "tea ceremony" and more.


Employee Retreat | Budget Management | Deal Closing meeting| Due diligence meeting | Employee Incentive | Training | Seminars  | Board Meetings | Employee Picnics | RFP Negotiations | Post event evaluation | Food and Beverage selection |  Product Launch and Promotion | Events Designing and Production and much more...

Lydia spent over 22 years working in Corporate America as an Executive Assistant planning meeting and corporate events.  The last 14 of those 22 years she spent in Wall Street.  So with this vast corporate background, Lydia's approach to planning and designing for corporate C-levels is flawless. She knows how corporate executives think and what pleases them.  Her style of corporate planning and designing is one of "from the industry's chair" so to speak.  

Planning & Designing

Details-details it's all about the Details! Lydia design inspirations comes from you the client. Yes your personality, your life, your love story, etc. Yes! all thing that are amazing about you gets her design juices flowing. Not to worry if you have no clue or ideas for your event concept, Lydia will work closely with you, giving you several concepts to pick from.  Do feel free to set up an appointment for your own customized design.



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