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Meet Lydia!  She has an enthusiasm and optimism that is highly contagious!

Whether you are having a Corporate (including Sporting) Event or a destination wedding on a tropical island of the Caribbean, or in a Luxury Hotel or Mansion in New York, London, Paris, Jordan, Dubai, or just an intimate celebration in a Boutique Hotel overlooking snow covered peaks of Aspen, Lydia Short is your Event Planner, Designer and Producer.​


Lydia is an events industry expert and an International Speaker! She shares her knowledge and insight  through various training seminars, classes, and workshops. You can find her at the Learning Annex! She's a Professional Meeting Planner and a Certified Professional Bridal Consultant™. She and her work were twice featured in the NYDailyNews.  Lydia has an amazing passion for luxury couture fashion, and an impeccable eye for details! 


Lydia possesses over 23 years of events planning experience, which she began in 1991, while working as an Executive Assistant at Boys Scouts of America; planning corporate meetings, fund raisers, and youth events. She continued to advance her events planning career serving as Executive Assistant to Director/Head of Catering Sevices at Covenant House. Taken under the wings of this manager, she learned a great deal of hands-on in both the planning and designing part of the industry from her then manager. Lydia was so inspired and intrigued with events planning and designing she planned and designed her own wedding in 1995.  She then spent over 14 years of planning, hosting and managing corporate meetings and social events for high profiled Wall Street Corporate Executes. One of her most cherished industry accomplishments was the launching TTT Events Planning, LLC in 2009.



Lydia Says..."Happy Clients = Happy planner's life! 

I was born and raised in British Guyana, which is in South America, (a Caribbean West Indian Country if you please). It has 6 different ethnic groups (Indian, African, Chinese, American Indian, Caucasian, and Portuguese) and cultures which were fused together to make a country filled with delicious foods, fabulous weddings and spectacular cultures.  I may have migrated to New York in 1988, but this rich culture still influences my dress so much, that without even thinking about it, I may put on a Sari/Lehnga (Indian influence) or a qúnguà/Qi-Pao (Chinese influence). My work reflect this rich culture.


I  Love to pamper Corporate Executies, their employees, and their clients.  I do the same for my Government Clients, my Brides and their guests...It just my way of saying "Thank You" and making sure my clients are happy and completely satisfied with the "Llfe Changing" Experience of hiring me as their planner and designer"

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